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Standing Offer No: E60EJ-11000C/007/EJ
Component Call-up Limitation:$25000.00

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HW-SO-C-WIR-LEN.P520.1.C Wireless Adapter PCI-E 1X Wifi Card with BT external antenna Kit (8265 AC), Intel, SBB0N08334
HW-SO-C-M24-LEN.P520.1.C 24 inch Wide monitor with 1920x1080 resolution F24T45X, Samsung, F24T45X
HW-SO-C-M24H-LEN.P520.1.C 24 inch Wide monitor with 2560x1440 resolution,, Samsung, S24A608U
HW-SO-C-M27-LEN.P520.1.C 27 inch Wide monitor with 2560x1440 resolution, Samsung, S27A600U
HW-SO-C-M27H-LEN.P520.1.C 27 inch Wide monitor with 3840x2160 resolution, Samsung, S27A804U
HW-SO-C-M32-LEN.P520.1.C 32 inch Wide monitor with 3840x2160 resolution, Samsung, S32A804N
HW-SO-C-M34-LEN.P520.1.C 34 inch Wide Curved Monitor with 3440x1440 resolution S34A65X, Samsung, S34A65X
HW-SO-C-RAM-LEN.P520.1.C 8GB DDR4-2933 RDIMM ECC, Lenovo, 4X70V98060
HW-SO-C-RAM-LEN.P520.2.C Upgrade to 16GB DDR4-3200 RDIMM ECC, Lenovo, 4X71B67861
HW-SO-C-IHDD-LEN.P520.1.C ThinkStation 2TB 7200rpm 3.5 inch SATA 6Gbps Internal Hard Drive, Lenovo, 4XB0F18667
HW-SO-C-IHDD-LEN.P520.2.C 512GB M.2 PCIe NVMe Internal SSD, Lenovo, 4XB0M52450
HW-SO-C-IHDD-LEN.P520.3.C ThinkPad 1TB PCIe NVME TLC OPAL M.2 Internal SSD, Lenovo, 4XB0N10301
HW-SO-C-IHDD-LEN.P520.4.C 2048GB SATA - Internal SSD, 6Gb-s, TLC, 2.5 inch OPAL, Lenovo, SBB0K66075
HW-SO-C-OPD-LEN.P520.1.C Blu-Ray Burner Internal Drive w-AACS encryption (SATA), Lenovo, SBB0K66101
HW-SO-C-OPD-LEN.P520.2.C ThinkStation 9.5mm SATA Slim Internal DVD Burner, Lenovo, 4XA0H04222
HW-SO-C-USB-LEN.P520.1.C USB Key DataTraveler SE9 G2 3.0 - 32GB, Kingston, DTSE9G2-32GB
HW-SO-C-USB-LEN.P520.2.C USB Key DataTraveler SE9 G2 3.0 - 64GB, Kingston, DTSE9G2-64GB
HW-SO-C-USB-LEN.P520.3.C USB Key DataTraveler SE9 G2 3.0 - 128GB, Kingston, DTSE9G2-128GB
HW-SO-C-EUSB-LEN.P520.1.C Encrypted USB Key DataTraveler 4000G2 with Management - 16GB, Kingston, DT4000G2DM-16GB
HW-SO-C-EUSB-LEN.P520.2.C Encrypted USB Key DataTraveler 4000G2 with Management - 32GB, Kingston, DT4000G2DM-32GB
HW-SO-C-EUSB-LEN.P520.3.C Encrypted USB Key DataTraveler 4000G2 with Management - 64GB, Kingston, DT4000G2DM-64GB
HW-SO-C-KEY-LEN.P520.1.C TBITS-5 USB Keyboard, Solidus, KBS225T5-USB-BL
HW-SO-C-KEY-LEN.P520.2.C Preferred Pro II USB Keyboard English, Lenovo, 4X30M86879
HW-SO-C-KEY-LEN.P520.3.C Bilingual USB Keyboard, Solidus, KBS225FE-USB-BL
HW-SO-C-MOS-LEN.P520.1.C Essential USB Mouse, Lenovo, 4Y50R20863
HW-SO-C-MOS-LEN.P520.2.C Laser Wireless Mouse, Lenovo, 0A36188
HW-SO-C-MOS-LEN.P520.3.C Bluetooth Laser Mouse, Lenovo, 0A36407
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