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Lenovo L490 i58365U
Lenovo L490 i58365U
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System: Lenovo L490 , Lenovo, 20Q6
Processor: L490 (i5-8365U) , Lenovo, i5-8365U
RAM: 4GB DDR4 2666 SoDIMM, Lenovo, SBB0L16311 - Factory
Storage: 500GB HDD, Lenovo, SBB0L16317 - Factory
Keyboard: Bilingual keyboard - english and french option available, Lenovo, Lenovo keyboard
Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64, Microsoft, included
Warranty: 3 year on-site with KYD, Lenovo, 5PS0A23278
Standing Offer No: E60EJ-11000C/007/EJ
Product Code:HW-SO-N-1.0N-LEN.L490
Product Price:$1,264.79
Evaluated Price:$1,209.88
Client Call-up Limitation:$25,000.00

Operating System:



Native Keyboard*:


Asset tagging:

Image Option:



Item# Item Name Qty Add
HW-SO-C-RAM-LEN.L490.2 8GB DDR4 2666Mhz SoDIMM, Lenovo, 4X70W30750
HW-SO-C-DOK-LEN.L490.1 Lenovo Port USB-C Port Replicator, Lenovo, 40A90090US
HW-SO-C-MOS-LEN.L490.1 Optical Wheel Mouse (Full size), Lenovo, 06P4069
HW-SO-C-MOS-LEN.L490.2 Laser wireless mouse, Lenovo, 0A36188-disty
HW-SO-C-KEY-LEN.L490.1 Preferred Pro II USB Keyboard US English, Lenovo, 4X30M86879
HW-SO-C-KEY-LEN.L490.2 Bilingual keyboard, Solidus, KBS225FE-USB-BL-simple
HW-SO-C-CADP-LEN.L490.1 Lenovo 65W USB-C DC Travel Adapter, Lenovo, 40AK0065WW
HW-SO-C-ACADPT-LEN.L490.1 Lenovo 65W Standard AC Adapter (USB Type-C), Lenovo, 4X20M26268
HW-SO-C-CASE-LEN.L490.1 Basic Case Nylon, Lenovo, 4X40E77328
HW-SO-C-CASE-LEN.L490.2 Executive Leather Case, Lenovo, 4X40E77322
HW-SO-C-LOK-LEN.L490.1 Combination Lock, Kensington, 64670-disty
HW-SO-C-LOK-LEN.L490.2 Security lock - key, Lenovo, 57Y4303-disty
HW-SO-U-IMG-LEN.L490.1 Standard Service Image Creation per system, 06P7508
HW-SO-U-IMG-LEN.L490.2 Migr/Mod/Ver/Add Lang/Dvr per system, 06P7512
HW-SO-U-IMG-LEN.L490.3 Customization and Personalization per system, 06P7491
HW-SO-U-IMG-LEN.L490.4 vPro Factory Provisioning per system, 45J8468
HW-SO-U-IMG-LEN.L490.5 ADS Load Fee per system, 45K2145
HW-SO-U-TAG-LEN.L490.6 Advanced Asset tag per system, 06P7488
HW-SO-U-IMG-LEN.L490.7 First Boot Service Execution Fee per system, 55Y9633
HW-SO-U-IMG-LEN.L490.8 Auto Encryption per system, 55Y9634
HW-SO-U-IMG-LEN.L490.9 Partial Encryption per system, 55Y9635
HW-SO-U-IMG-LEN.L490.10 Full Encryption per system, 55Y9636
HW-SO-U-DOK-LEN.L490.11 Lenovo Port USB-C Port Replicator, 40A90090US
HW-SO-U-IHDD-LEN.L490.12 512GB M.2 2280 NVMe TLC OPAL, Lenovo, SBB0L16322 - Factory
HW-SO-U-RAM-LEN.L490.13 Lenovo 16GB DDR4 2400Mhz SODIMM Memory L470/L480, Lenovo, 4X70N24889
HW-SO-U-DOK-LEN.L490.15 ThinkPad Hybrid USB-C with USB-A Dock, Lenovo, 40AF0135US
HW-SO-U-PBANK-LEN.L490.16 Lenovo USB-C Laptop Power Bank 14000 mAh, Lenovo, 40AL140CWW
HW-SO-U-ADPT-LEN.L490.17 Lenovo USB-C to DisplayPort Adapter, Lenovo, 4X90Q93303
HW-SO-U-CAB-LEN.L490.18 Lenovo USB-C to USB-C Cable 2m , Lenovo, 4X90Q59480
HW-SO-U-ADPT-LEN.L490.19 Lenovo USB-C to USB-A Adapter, Lenovo, 4X90Q59481
HW-SO-U-ADPT-LEN.L490.20 Lenovo USB C to Ethernet Adapter, Lenovo, 4X90S91831
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