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Ricoh SP 4510SF
Ricoh SP 4510SF
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Ricoh SP 4510SF Mainframe, Ricoh Canada Inc., 740407302
42 ppm Monochrome A4 Multifunction Printer with faxing standard
500 sheet drawer plus 100 sheet bypass
Standing Offer No: 2BP-9-10047402/F/002
Product Code: PP-SO-PR-PMM4-RI.4510SF
Base Device Price: $522.58
Client Call-up Limitation: $100,000.00

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Item# Item Name Qty Add
PP-SO-AO-CPI-RI.4510SF.B CPI - Black & White Per 1000 Sheet (estimated usage) (do not order if ordering the warranty)
PP-SO-AO-WAR-RI.4510SF.1 Yr 2-5 Warranty Extension - SP 4510SF, Ricoh Canada Inc., EXTWAR5Y4510FGC (do not order if ordering CPI)
PP-SO-AO-MEM-RI.4510SF.1 Hard Disk Drive Type M6, Ricoh Canada Inc., 241MX407222RA
PP-SO-AO-MEM-RI.4510SF.2 Memory Unit Type M1 1.5GB, Ricoh Canada Inc., 241007167MIU
PP-SO-AO-FUR-RI.4510SF.1 Tall Cabinet, Ricoh Canada Inc., 7412252511000
PP-SO-AO-FUR-RI.4510SF.2 Medium Cabinet, Ricoh Canada Inc., 7412252501000
PP-SO-AO-CON-RI.4510SF.1 Wireless LAN Unit Option, Ricoh Canada Inc., 741407113
PP-SO-AO-CON-RI.4510SF.2 IEEE 1284 Inteface Board Type A, Ricoh Canada Inc., 241411699
PP-SO-AO-MED-RI.4510SF.1 Paper Feed Unit PB1060, Ricoh Canada Inc., 741407230
PP-SO-AO-MED-RI.4510SF.2 Paper Feed Unit PB1070, Ricoh Canada Inc., 741407229
PP-SO-AO-FIN-RI.4510SF.1 Convenience Power Stapler, Ricoh Canada Inc., 241EH-C591R
PP-SO-AO-CONS-RI.4510SF.1 Staple Refill Type T, Ricoh Canada Inc., 245415010
PP-SO-AO-SSO-RI.4510SF.1 OCR Unit Type M2, Ricoh Canada Inc., 241416605
PP-SO-AO-ESEC-RI.4510SF.1 Copy Data Security Unit Type G, Ricoh Canada Inc., 241416391
PP-SO-AO-OTHER-RI.4510SF.1 Optional Counter Interface Unit Type A, Ricoh Canada Inc., 241413012
PP-SO-AO-OTHER-RI.4510SF.2 File Format Converter Type E, Ricoh Canada Inc., 241414007
PP-SO-AO-OTHER-RI.4510SF.3 Browser Unit Type M6, Ricoh Canada Inc., 241407225
PP-SO-AO-OTHER-RI.4510SF.4 XPS Direct Print Option Type M6, Ricoh Canada Inc., 241407343
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