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This ordering portal is only to be used by government employees who have the authority from their organization to order the goods and services available on the portal (procurement authorities and certain IT groups). Individuals who require workplace devices should contact their IT helpdesk. Accounts and orders will be closely monitored.

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Reminder of year-end deadlines for submitting orders.

In addition to the information posted on the
SSC – Serving Government website, please note the following:

December 5th 2019 - Request for Volume Discounts solicitations against the Microcomputer NMSO
January 13th 2020 - All other orders, including call-ups against the Microcomputer NMSO as well as contract amendments to exercise an option for additional quantities. Requests that DO NOT make use of the NMSO (i.e. technical exceptions), including Requests for Volume Discount, will be processed on a best effort basis.

In the new year, please refer back for the cut-off dates posted for products in inventory. At year end, RVDs are awarded regularly, which results in ITPro inventory being replenished. Keep an eye on it as you may be able to fulfill some of your requirement in a more efficient manner through the SSC inventory. Due to the time required for a competitive solicitation plus production and delivery timelines, or any other unforeseen circumstances, final delivery and acceptance by March 31st is not always possible.

Intel Corporation (the manufacturers of processors found in all devices) have announced a worldwide shortage of those processors. This shortage will last the duration the GoC’s fiscal year end and will significantly impact the delivery times following ordering. Every OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) with Intel processor based devices is impacted however each situation may vary somewhat (i.e. device type, processor generation, initial order and option quantity). As such we will only know what the projected lead time will be during the RVD solicitation, call-up or ITPro Inventory purchase. It is understood the lead time a minimum 6 to 8 weeks. Unfortunately we are limited in our ability to influence that outcome given the universality of the issue. To mitigate this issue clients are encouraged to submit their RVD requirements to PVR prior to the December 5th recommended deadline. At that time we may have additional strategies to mitigate those delays. It should be noted the NMSO desktop categories 1.0D through 3.0D offer devices based on the AMD Ryzen Pro processor of which there are no associated delays. The official Intel statement follows: