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If you are having any technical issues with entering your order on the site, please try accessing the site using a different internet browser such as Chrome before contacting SSC


In addition to the information posted on the SSC – Serving Government website, please note the following

This ordering portal is only to be used by government employees who have the authority from their organization (procurement authorities and certain IT groups) to order software products.

If you are ordering cloud based software or Software as a Service (Saas), please submit your request through SSC’s Cloud Brokering Service http://service.ssc-spc.gc.ca/en/services/dc/cloud. For traditional software, to start ordering check the requested software title against the WTD Base Software. if the requested title not found under the WTD Base Software, click the SLSA In-Scope Software to select the best described category for the requested software title, please note some of the SLSA categories falls outside SSC's mandate and therefore, if able, please purchase under your departmental authority, and if not, please submit to PSPC.

You may Click Contracts, to place a Contract Amendment order to exercise an option on an existing contract (including option years and additional option quantities) or raise a Request on Contract (ROC) against an existing contract. The previous contract has to be attached to the order and must contain option years or optional quantities. Orders placed in this category may get rejected if SSC determines that an amendment to the contract is not reasonable.