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This ordering portal is only to be used by government employees who have the authority from their organization to order the goods and services available on the portal (procurement authorities and other groups). Accounts and orders will be closely monitored.

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Training is being offered on an ongoing bases for how to order Printing Products and the new NMSO. Please contract WTDPrintingProducts / ProduitsImpressionATMT (SSC/SPC) for information about when the next round of training is.

Delegation was returned in 2017 to Departments for printing products such as Toner, Scanners, and Printers. Please see the notification at the following link: http://service.ssc-spc.gc.ca/en/news/communiques/delegation-authorities-20171002

For printers and scanners purchased from the NMSO catalog, the delegation threshold is $100,000 (including taxes and environmental fees).

This Delegation was done at the Ministerial level; therefore individual purchasing units will have to wait until they receive approval from their procurement managers before signing off on call-ups on their own. If you have not yet received this approval, I would recommend contacting your supervisor to see if they have heard that Delegation is coming. Until then, call-ups should continue being sent to SSC.