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Dell Wyse 3040
Dell Wyse 3040
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System: Wyse 3040, Dell, 24470916
Processor: Atom x5-Z8350 (Quad Core 1.44 GHz, up to 1.92GHz Burst), Intel, 210-ALEK
RAM: 2GB RAM / 8GB Flash, Dell, 329-BDKX
Warranty: 3 years Return For Repair, Dell, 3RTD
Keyboard: KB216 English Keyboard, Dell, 580-ADJC
Mouse: MS116 Mouse, Dell, 275-BBBW
Stand: Vertical Stand not required

*For delivery lead times, please reach out to the vendor prior to placing the order.

Standing Offer No: E60EJ-11000C/005/EJ
Product Code:HW-SO-T-1.0T-DEL.3040
Product Price:$390.00
Evaluated Price:$397.49
Client Call-up Limitation:$25,000.00



External Keyboard:




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Item# Item Name Qty Add
HW-SO-C-MNT-DEL.3040.2 Wall Mount 3040, Dell, 575-BBMK
HW-SO-C-MNT-DEL.3040.3 Dell Single Monitor Arm - MSA20, Dell, 482-BBDI
HW-SO-C-MNT-DEL.3040.4 Dell Dual Monitor Arm - MDA20, Dell, 482-BBDH
HW-SO-C-KEY-DEL.3040.1 TBITS-5 USB Keyboard, Solidus, 374-6690
HW-SO-C-KEY-DEL.3040.2 Wired USB Keyboard English KB216, Dell, 580-ADMT
HW-SO-C-KEY-DEL.3040.3 Bilungual USB Keyboard, Solidus, 377-0342
HW-SO-C-MOS-DEL.3040.1 Optical Mouse MS116, Dell, 275-BBCB
HW-SO-C-WIR-DEL.3040.1 Wireless Adapter Dual Band 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac wireless with Bluetooth 4.0 (atop), Dell, 329-WIFI
HW-SO-U-SOFT-DEL.3040.2 Upgrade to Linux, Dell, 619-ANEW
HW-SO-U-ADPT-DEL.3040.3 Display Port to VGA Dongle, Dell, 492-BBFP
HW-SO-U-ADPT-DEL.3040.4 Display Port to HDMI (4K), Dell, 492-BBXW
HW-SO-U-MNT-DEL.3040.5 Behind the Wall mount-E series Monitor, Dell, 575-BBMK
HW-SO-U-MNT-DEL.3040.6 Behind the Wall mount-P series Monitor, Dell, 575-BBOB
HW-SO-U-KEY-DEL.3040.7 Dell CAD Multimedia KB216-Multilanguage Keyboard, Dell, 580-AFBD
HW-SO-U-KEY-DEL.3040.8 Dell Smartcard English keyboard, Dell, 332-1571
HW-SO-U-SOFT-DEL.3040.9 Wyse Management Suite Pro - 3 yrs Enterprise Seat License + Maintenance LIcense, Dell, WMS3Y
HW-SO-U-SOFT-DEL.3040.10 Wyse Management Suite Pro - 5 yrs Enterprise Seat License + Maintenance LIcense, Dell, WMS5Y
HW-SO-U-WARU-DEL.3040.11 3 yrs ProSupport w/Rapid Mail-In Svc, Dell, PRMI3
HW-SO-U-WARU-DEL.3040.12 4 yrs ProSupport w/Rapid Mail-In Svc, Dell, PRMI4
HW-SO-U-WARU-DEL.3040.13 5 Yrs ProSupport w/Rapid Mail-In Svc, Dell, PRMI5
HW-SO-U-NON-DEL.3040.26 NON-NMSO Products (Up to $25,000 in value Tax inclusive)
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