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bizhub 4750i
bizhub 4750i
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Engine Mfr/Model: Konica Minolta/bizhub 4750i, Konica Minolta, ACT8011
Speed: 50 ppm Mono
80-sheet Dual Scan Document feeder
100 Sheet bypass tray
1 x 550 Sheet tray
Additional 2 x 500 Sheet tray PF-P21, ACEVWY1
5 GB Standard Memory
Standard Wireless Connectivity and Web Browser
250 GB SSD drive
Includes PS, PCL, and XPS Controller
Fax Kit included in configuration.
Power filter included in configuration.
Standing Offer No: 2BP-9-10047402/F/001
Product Code: PP-SO-PR-LMM4-KM.4750i
Base Device Price: $1,469.97
Client Call-up Limitation: $100,000.00

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Item# Item Name Qty Add
PP-SO-DU-STAP-KM.4750i.2 (Staple) Inner Finisher - FS-P04, Konica Minolta, ACCGWY1
PP-SO-DU-FAX-KM.4750i.2 (Fax) FK-517 - fax kit, Konica Minolta, AA1K011
PP-SO-DU-PULL-KM.4750i.2 (Pull Print) pcProx Plus Enroll Black USB Reader KBW, Konica Minolta, PRX-80581AKU
PP-SO-AO-CPI-KM.4750i.B CPI - Black & White Per 1000 Sheet (estimated usage) (do not order if ordering the warranty)
PP-SO-AO-WAR-KM.4750i.1 Extension to 5 year Warranty (Year one included in Base), Uplift to 5 yr, Konica Minolta, uplift to 5 year warranty (do not order if ordering CPI)
PP-SO-AO-Main-KM.4750i.1 LinkCom 5 S IPDS + SCS + AS400 + S/390 - One Port External Ethernet Interface IPDS, Konica Minolta, 962459333
PP-SO-AO-MEM-KM.4750i.1 Memory Board for i-series, Konica Minolta, AA2JM72M00
PP-SO-AO-FUR-KM.4750i.1 Copy Desk DK-P05,, Konica Minolta, 135900
PP-SO-AO-CON-KM.4750i.1 USB + Bluetooth - EKP09, Konica Minolta, ACCVWY1
PP-SO-AO-CON-KM.4750i.2 USB for bizhub 4050i - EKP08, Konica Minolta, ACCTWY1
PP-SO-AO-MED-KM.4750i.1 PF-P21 - Paper Feed Unit (500 sheet) (LTR/LGL size), Konica Minolta, AAJUW11
PP-SO-AO-MED-KM.4750i.2 PF-P25 Height Adjustment Unit, Konica Minolta, AAJUW13
PP-SO-AO-POW-KM.4750i.1 ESP Compact Power Filter - 120V/15A, Konica Minolta, S1
PP-SO-AO-SOFT-KM.4750i.1 i-Option e-License Kit (Web Browser) LK-101v3, Konica Minolta, A0PD11H
PP-SO-AO-SOFT-KM.4750i.2 i-Option License Kit (Bar Code Font) e-licence LK-106 v3, Konica Minolta, A0PD119
PP-SO-AO-SSO-KM.4750i.1 i-Option License Kit (Searchable PDF) LK-105 v4, Konica Minolta
PP-SO-AO-SOFT-KM.4750i.3 i-Option License Kit (OCR Font) LK-108, Konica Minolta, A0PD11G
PP-SO-AO-SOFT-KM.4750i.4 i-Option License Kit (ThinPrint Client Support) LK-111, Konica Minolta, A0PD01K
PP-SO-AO-SOFT-KM.4750i.5 i-Option License Kit (Unicode) LK-107, Konica Minolta, A0PD11F
PP-SO-AO-OTHER-KM.4750i.1 10-Key Pad KP-P01, Konica Minolta, A6XYWY1
PP-SO-AO-OTHER-KM.4750i.2 Control Panel Faceplate French, Konica Minolta, 9969475002
PP-SO-AO-OTHER-KM.4750i.3 Convenience Stapler C1, Konica Minolta, 7640013463
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