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Ricoh SP 5310DN (Lease 48)
Ricoh SP 5310DN (Lease 48)
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Ricoh SP 5310DN, Ricoh Canada Inc., 740407819
Paper Feed Unit PB 1100, Ricoh Canada Inc., 241407850
Hard Disk Drive Option Type P8, Ricoh Canada Inc., 741MX407873RA
62 ppm Monochrome A4 Single Function Printer
2 @ 500 sheet drawers plus 100 sheet bypass
320 Gb Hard Drive standard
Standing Offer No: 2BP-9-10047402/F/002
Product Code: PP-SO-PR-LSM4-RI.5310DN.L48
Device Lease Price: $1,728.96
Device Residual Value (5%): $73.10
Lease Monthly Payment: $36.02
Client Call-up Limitation: $100,000.00

Lease & CPI Start Date*:
Lease & CPI Start Date (YYYY-MM-DD) should be set on the first day of month. Clients must provide the Contractor the following lead times prior to the indicated start date:
  • a minimum of 10 FGWDs for orders of fewer than 20 products; or
  • a minimum of 15 FGWDs for orders of 20 or more products.

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    Item# Item Name Qty Add
    PP-SO-DU-PULL-RI.5310DN.2.L48 (Pull Print) VM Card Option Type P8 & Ethernet Card Reader - Ext Multi-card SAM iClass & Ethernet Card Reader - Ext Multi-card SAM iClass, Ricoh Canada Inc., 741407864 & CRN0MC02 & CRN0MC02-5PS (Monthly Payment: $10.76)
    PP-SO-AO-CPI-RI.5310DN.B.L48 CPI - Black & White Per 1000 Sheet (estimated usage)
    PP-SO-AO-MEM-RI.5310DN.1.L48 Hard Disk Drive Option Type P8, Ricoh Canada Inc., 741MX407873RA (Monthly Payment: $3.94)
    PP-SO-AO-FUR-RI.5310DN.1.L48 Tall Cabinet Type I, Ricoh Canada Inc., 24162651 (Monthly Payment: $3.35)
    PP-SO-AO-FUR-RI.5310DN.2.L48 Medium Cabinet Type J, Ricoh Canada Inc., 24152641 (Monthly Payment: $2.91)
    PP-SO-AO-FUR-RI.5310DN.3.L48 Caster Table Type M24, Ricoh Canada Inc., 241407851 (Monthly Payment: $4.46)
    PP-SO-AO-CON-RI.5310DN.1.L48 IEEE 802.11 Interface Unit Type M24, Ricoh Canada Inc., 241407863 (Monthly Payment: $7.42)
    PP-SO-AO-CON-RI.5310DN.2.L48 USB Device Server Option Type M19A, Ricoh Canada Inc., 241418105 (Monthly Payment: $2.91)
    PP-SO-AO-CON-RI.5310DN.3.L48 15ft Patch Cable Cat6 Blue, Ricoh Canada Inc., 161CPC60015BL (Monthly Payment: $0.17)
    PP-SO-AO-MED-RI.5310DN.1.L48 Paper Feed Unit PB 1100, Ricoh Canada Inc., 241407850 (Monthly Payment: $3.10)
    PP-SO-AO-FIN-RI.5310DN.1.L48 Convenience Power Stapler, Ricoh Canada Inc., 241EH-C591R (Monthly Payment: $5.54)
    PP-SO-AO-CONS-RI.5310DN.1.L48 Staple Refill Type T, Ricoh Canada Inc., 245415010
    PP-SO-AO-OTHER-RI.5310DN.1.L48 IPDS Unit Type P15, Ricoh Canada Inc., 720407870 (Monthly Payment: $12.76)
    PP-SO-AO-OTHER-RI.5310DN.2.L48 VM Card Option Type P8, Ricoh Canada Inc., 741407864 (Monthly Payment: $3.01)
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