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Ricoh IM 4000 (Lease 24)
Ricoh IM 4000 (Lease 24)
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Ricoh IM 4000 Mainframe, Ricoh Canada Inc., 240418826
Paper Feed Unit PB3300, Ricoh Canada Inc., 241418352
40 ppm Monochrome A3 Multifunction Printer
Single-Pass Duplex Scanning
4 @ 550 sheet drawers plus 100 sheet bypass
10.1" touch sensitive colour panel
Standing Offer No: 2BP-9-10047402/F/002
Product Code: PP-SO-PR-MMM3-RI.IM4000.L24
Device Lease Price: $3,410.64
Device Residual Value (15%): $525.00
Lease Monthly Payment: $142.11
Client Call-up Limitation: $100,000.00

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Lease & CPI Start Date (YYYY-MM-DD) should be set on the first day of month. Clients must provide the Contractor the following lead times prior to the indicated start date:
  • a minimum of 10 FGWDs for orders of fewer than 20 products; or
  • a minimum of 15 FGWDs for orders of 20 or more products.

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    Item# Item Name Qty Add
    PP-SO-DU-STAP-RI.IM4000.2.L24 (Staple) Internal Finisher SR3250, Ricoh, 241418378 (Monthly Payment: $18.39)
    PP-SO-DU-FAX-RI.IM4000.2.L24 (Fax) Fax Option Type M45, Ricoh, 241418871 (Monthly Payment: $19.76)
    PP-SO-DU-PULL-RI.IM4000.2.L24 (Pull Print) Spider card reader with iClass decoding c/w Bracket & Cables included, Ricoh, 720200015GEM (Monthly Payment: $6.29)
    PP-SO-AO-CPI-RI.IM4000.B.L24 CPI - Black & White Per 1000 Sheet (estimated usage)
    PP-SO-AO-Hole-RI.IM4000.1.L24 Punch Unit PU3070 NA, Ricoh, 241418327 (Monthly Payment: $10.23)
    PP-SO-AO-Hole-RI.IM4000.2.L24 Punch Unit PU3080 NA, Ricoh, 241418381 (Monthly Payment: $10.23)
    PP-SO-AO-Hole-RI.IM4000.3.L24 Punch Unit PU3090 NA, Ricoh, 241418332 (Monthly Payment: $16.32)
    PP-SO-AO-FUR-RI.IM4000.1.L24 MP C3003-C6003 cabinet, Ricoh, 241FACC3003 (Monthly Payment: $5.08)
    PP-SO-AO-FUR-RI.IM4000.2.L24 Caster Table Type M3, Ricoh, 241416737 (Monthly Payment: $4.24)
    PP-SO-AO-CON-RI.IM4000.1.L24 IEEE 802.11a/g/n Interface Unit Type M19, Ricoh, 241417493 (Monthly Payment: $13.44)
    PP-SO-AO-CON-RI.IM4000.2.L24 15ft Patch Cable Cat6 Blue, Ricoh, 161CPC60015BL (Monthly Payment: $0.28)
    PP-SO-AO-MED-RI.IM4000.1.L24 Paper Feed Unit PB3300, Ricoh, 241418352 (Monthly Payment: $14.94)
    PP-SO-AO-MED-RI.IM4000.2.L24 LCIT RT3040, Ricoh, 241418358 (Monthly Payment: $32.40)
    PP-SO-AO-MED-RI.IM4000.3.L24 LCIT PB3290, Ricoh, 241418360 (Monthly Payment: $32.40)
    PP-SO-AO-FIN-RI.IM4000.1.L24 Convenience Power Stapler, Ricoh, 241EH-C591R (Monthly Payment: $9.14)
    PP-SO-AO-FIN-RI.IM4000.2.L24 1 Bin Tray BN3130, Ricoh, 241418376 (Monthly Payment: $9.74)
    PP-SO-AO-FIN-RI.IM4000.3.L24 Finisher SR3280, Ricoh, 241418385 (Monthly Payment: $60.25)
    PP-SO-AO-FIN-RI.IM4000.4.L24 Hybrid Finisher SR3260, Ricoh, 241418337 (Monthly Payment: $18.27)
    PP-SO-AO-FIN-RI.IM4000.5.L24 Bridge Unit BU3090, Ricoh, 241418345 (Monthly Payment: $2.60)
    PP-SO-AO-FIN-RI.IM4000.6.L24 Booklet Finisher SR3270, Ricoh, 241418335 (Monthly Payment: $86.44)
    PP-SO-AO-FIN-RI.IM4000.7.L24 Internal Multi-Fold Unit FD3010, Ricoh, 241418339 (Monthly Payment: $61.03)
    PP-SO-AO-FIN-RI.IM4000.8.L24 Internal Shift Tray SH3080, Ricoh, 241418343 (Monthly Payment: $7.27)
    PP-SO-AO-CONS-RI.IM4000.1.L24 Staple Refill Type T - 2 x 5000, Ricoh, 245415010
    PP-SO-AO-CONS-RI.IM4000.2.L24 Staple Refill Type K - 3 x 5000 staples, Ricoh, 245410802
    PP-SO-AO-CONS-RI.IM4000.3.L24 Staple Ctg Type S - 1 x 5000 staples, Ricoh, 245412874
    PP-SO-AO-FAX-RI.IM4000.1.L24 FAX Memory Unit Type M19 64MB, Ricoh, 241MX417518RA (Monthly Payment: $1.83)
    PP-SO-AO-OTHER-RI.IM4000.1.L24 Smart Card Reader Built-in Type M45, Ricoh, 241418893 (Monthly Payment: $1.91)
    PP-SO-AO-FAX-RI.IM4000.2.L24 G3 Interface Unit Type M45, Ricoh, 241418876 (Monthly Payment: $14.01)
    PP-SO-AO-OTHER-RI.IM4000.2.L24 Optional Counter Interface Unit Type M12, Ricoh, 241417111 (Monthly Payment: $1.34)
    PP-SO-AO-OTHER-RI.IM4000.3.L24 OCR Unit Type M13, Ricoh, 241417430 (Monthly Payment: $7.55)
    PP-SO-AO-OTHER-RI.IM4000.4.L24 Postscript3 Unit Type M45, Ricoh, 241418889 (Monthly Payment: $13.40)
    PP-SO-AO-OTHER-RI.IM4000.5.L24 IDPS Unit Type M45, Ricoh, 720418886 (Monthly Payment: $40.64)
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