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bizhub C300i (Lease 24)
bizhub C300i (Lease 24)
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Engine Mfr/Model: Konica Minolta/bizhub C300i, Konica Minolta, AA2K013
Print Speed 30 PPM
8 GB Standard Memory
250 GB SSD Drive Standard
Bypass Tray: 150 sheets
2 x 500 sheet input tray
1 x additional 500-sheet Universal Tray includes 1 storage drawer (PC-116), Konica Minolta, AAV5WY1
Single Pass Dual Scan Auto Document Feeder - DF-714
Power filter included in configuration., Konica Minolta, AAMNY1
Standing Offer No: 2BP-9-10047402/F/001
Product Code: PP-SO-PR-SMC3-KM.C300i.L24
Device Lease Price: $2,838.24
Device Residual Value (15%): $436.91
Lease Monthly Payment: $118.26
Client Call-up Limitation: $100,000.00

Lease & CPI Start Date*:
Lease & CPI Start Date (YYYY-MM-DD) should be set on the first day of month. Clients must provide the Contractor the following lead times prior to the indicated start date:
  • a minimum of 10 FGWDs for orders of fewer than 20 products; or
  • a minimum of 15 FGWDs for orders of 20 or more products.

  • Delivery Contacts*:
    Please provide a point of contact including their email and phone number who will be receiving and accepting the delivery of devices.


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    Item# Item Name Qty Add
    PP-SO-DU-FAX-KM.C300i.2.L24 (Fax) Fax Kit (Supports 1st & 2nd fax line -- no mount kit required) FK-514, Konica Minolta, A883012 (Monthly Payment: $3.68)
    PP-SO-DU-PULL-KM.C300i.2.L24 (Pull Print) AU Next Gen Multiclass Card Reader, HID, Konica Minolta, 5427CK (Monthly Payment: $7.52)
    PP-SO-AO-CPI-KM.C300i.B.L24 CPI - Black & White Per 1000 Sheet (estimated usage)
    PP-SO-AO-CPI-KM.C300i.C.L24 CPI - Colour Per 1000 Sheet (estimated usage)
    PP-SO-AO-Hole-KM.C300i.1.L24 PK-519 - 2/3-Hole Punch (for FS-533), Konica Minolta, A3EUW12 (Monthly Payment: $8.32)
    PP-SO-AO-Hole-KM.C300i.2.L24 PK-524 - 2/3 Hole Punch Unit (for FS-539 finisher), Konica Minolta, AC28W11 (Monthly Payment: $8.32)
    PP-SO-AO-MEM-KM.C300i.1.L24 Memory Board for i-series, Konica Minolta, AA2JM72M00 (Monthly Payment: $29.23)
    PP-SO-AO-FUR-KM.C300i.1.L24 DK-516 - Copy Desk Storage Drawer only, Konica Minolta, 135700 (Monthly Payment: $2.30)
    PP-SO-AO-FUR-KM.C300i.2.L24 WT-506 - Working Table, Konica Minolta, A0W4WY3 (Monthly Payment: $1.45)
    PP-SO-AO-EEQ-KM.C300i.1.L24 ES-2000 Photospectrometer, Konica Minolta, 45109642 (Monthly Payment: $31.61)
    PP-SO-AO-CON-KM.C300i.1.L24 EK-609 - Local Interface Kit (provide Bluetooth mobile support), Konica Minolta, A87DWY2 (Monthly Payment: $4.30)
    PP-SO-AO-CON-KM.C300i.2.L24 EK-608 - Local USB Interface Kit, Konica Minolta, A88AWY2 (Monthly Payment: $2.85)
    PP-SO-AO-CON-KM.C300i.3.L24 VI-516 - Video Interface Kit VI-516, Konica Minolta, ACDHWY1 (Monthly Payment: $6.01)
    PP-SO-AO-CON-KM.C300i.4.L24 UK-221 - Wireless LAN Upgrade Kit, Konica Minolta, ACDMWY1 (Monthly Payment: $1.94)
    PP-SO-AO-MED-KM.C300i.1.L24 MK-730 - Banner Paper Guide, Konica Minolta, A4MEWY2 (Monthly Payment: $11.89)
    PP-SO-AO-MED-KM.C300i.2.L24 LU-302 - Large Capacity Unit 3000 sheets, Konica Minolta, A87VW12 (Monthly Payment: $26.14)
    PP-SO-AO-MED-KM.C300i.3.L24 PC-116 - 500-sheet Universal Paper Cassette and Storage Drawer, Konica Minolta, AAV5WY1 (Monthly Payment: $8.74)
    PP-SO-AO-MED-KM.C300i.4.L24 PC-216 - Two 500-sheet Universal Paper Cassettes, Konica Minolta, AAV5WY2 (Monthly Payment: $8.86)
    PP-SO-AO-MED-KM.C300i.5.L24 PC-416 - 2,500 sheets letter size paper tray, Konica Minolta, AAV5013 (Monthly Payment: $18.99)
    PP-SO-AO-FIN-KM.C300i.1.L24 FS-539 -50-sheet floor staple finisher (Requires RU-513), Konica Minolta, AAR4WY3 (Monthly Payment: $23.42)
    PP-SO-AO-FIN-KM.C300i.2.L24 FS-539 SD - 50-sheet floor staple finisher + saddle stitch, Konica Minolta, AAR4WYE (Monthly Payment: $46.35)
    PP-SO-AO-FIN-KM.C300i.3.L24 Inner Finisher with staple (50 sheets) FS-533, Konica Minolta, A2YUWY2 (Monthly Payment: $19.07)
    PP-SO-AO-FIN-KM.C300i.4.L24 JS-506 - Job Separator Tray, Konica Minolta, A2YVWY2 (Monthly Payment: $7.14)
    PP-SO-AO-FIN-KM.C300i.5.L24 Relay Unit RU-513, Konica Minolta, A87JWY2 (Monthly Payment: $3.35)
    PP-SO-AO-POW-KM.C300i.1.L24 ESP Diagnostic Power Filter - 120V/15A, Konica Minolta, XGPCS15DKM (Monthly Payment: $3.75)
    PP-SO-AO-FAX-KM.C300i.1.L24 FK-515 - Fax Kit (Supports 3rd & 4th fax line) MK-742 Mount Kit required, Konica Minolta, A884W11 (Monthly Payment: $18.31)
    PP-SO-AO-FAX-KM.C300i.2.L24 MK-742 - Fax Mount Kit, Konica Minolta, A884W11 (Monthly Payment: $1.90)
    PP-SO-AO-FAX-KM.C300i.3.L24 SP-501 - Fax Stamp Unit, Konica Minolta, 4614506 (Monthly Payment: $0.54)
    PP-SO-AO-FAX-KM.C300i.4.L24 Spare Fax Stamp, Konica Minolta, 4614511 (Monthly Payment: $0.32)
    PP-SO-AO-SSO-KM.C300i.1.L24 i-Option License Kit (Enhanced PDF Encryption, PDF/A, Linearized PDF) LK-102 v3, Konica Minolta, A0PD116 (Monthly Payment: $14.92)
    PP-SO-AO-SSO-KM.C300i.2.L24 i-Option License Kit (Searchable PDF) LK-105 v4, Konica Minolta, A0PD11T (Monthly Payment: $10.49)
    PP-SO-AO-SOFT-KM.C300i.1.L24 i-Option License Kit (Bar Code Font) e-licence LK-106 v3, Konica Minolta, A0PD119 (Monthly Payment: $14.74)
    PP-SO-AO-SOFT-KM.C300i.2.L24 i-Option License Kit (OCR Font) LK-108, Konica Minolta, A0PD11G (Monthly Payment: $3.48)
    PP-SO-AO-SOFT-KM.C300i.3.L24 i-Option License Kit (OOXML file conversion, Enhanced Image Data) LK-110 v2, Konica Minolta, A0PD11U (Monthly Payment: $12.53)
    PP-SO-AO-SOFT-KM.C300i.4.L24 i-Option License Kit (ThinPrint Client Support) LK-111, Konica Minolta, A0PD01K (Monthly Payment: $3.12)
    PP-SO-AO-SOFT-KM.C300i.5.L24 i-Option License Kit (Unicode) LK-107, Konica Minolta, A0PD11F (Monthly Payment: $12.39)
    PP-SO-AO-SOFT-KM.C300i.6.L24 i-Option License Kit (Voice Guidance) LK-104 v3, Konica Minolta, A0PD117 (Monthly Payment: $14.11)
    PP-SO-AO-ESEC-KM.C300i.1.L24 SC-509 - Security Kit, Konica Minolta, ACDKWY1 (Monthly Payment: $17.54)
    PP-SO-AO-OTHER-KM.C300i.1.L24 Computer Type Keyboard for Alphanumeric Data Entry, Konica Minolta, 7640006869 (Monthly Payment: $3.61)
    PP-SO-AO-OTHER-KM.C300i.2.L24 Convenience Stapler CS-1, Konica Minolta, 7640013463 (Monthly Payment: $5.65)
    PP-SO-AO-OTHER-KM.C300i.3.L24 French Control panel faceplate, Konica Minolta, 9969036802 (Monthly Payment: $0.29)
    PP-SO-AO-OTHER-KM.C300i.4.L24 Key Counter Bracket for Legacy Konica Key Counter, Konica Minolta, 4623474 (Monthly Payment: $1.22)
    PP-SO-AO-OTHER-KM.C300i.5.L24 Keyboard Holder KH-102, Konica Minolta, A4NRWY1 (Monthly Payment: $2.03)
    PP-SO-AO-OTHER-KM.C300i.6.L24 Keypad KP-101, Konica Minolta, A64TWY3 (Monthly Payment: $1.99)
    PP-SO-AO-OTHER-KM.C300i.7.L24 Stylus Pen for INFO-Palette Series, Konica Minolta, A161192000 (Monthly Payment: $0.50)
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