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bizhub 4052
bizhub 4052
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Engine Mfr/Model: Konica Minolta/bizhub 4052, Konica Minolta, AA1R011
Speed 42 ppm black
Bypass Tray: 100 sheets
Tray 1: 550 sheets
1 x Additional 250 sheet Paper Feed Cabinet PF-P15
100-sheet Single Pass Duplex Document Feeder
2GB Ram
Controller Mfr/Model: Konica Minolta/Emperon
250 GB HDD
Includes PS, PCL, and XPS Controller
Wireless Network Interface Standard
Standing Offer No: 2BP-9-10047402/F/001
Product Code: PP-SO-PR-SSM4-KM.4052A
Base Device Price: $896.75
Client Call-up Limitation: $100,000.00

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Item# Item Name Qty Add
PP-SO-DU-PULL-KM.4052A.2 (Pull Print) pcProx Plus Enroll Black USB Reader KBW, Konica Minolta, RDR-80581AKU
PP-SO-AO-CPI-KM.4052A.B CPI - Black & White Per 1000 Sheet (estimated usage) (do not order if ordering the warranty)
PP-SO-AO-WAR-KM.4052A.1 extension to 5 year Warranty (after year one) Year one included in Base , Konica Minolta, uplift to 5 year warranty (do not order if ordering CPI)
PP-SO-AO-MEM-KM.4052A.1 2 GB memory - UK-219, Konica Minolta, AAU5WY1
PP-SO-AO-FUR-KM.4052A.1 Copy Desk - DK-P02, Konica Minolta, 9967002761
PP-SO-AO-CON-KM.4052A.1 NC-P03 Wireless Network Interface Card - wireless connectivity , Konica Minolta, A9FRWYA
PP-SO-AO-CON-KM.4052A.2 USB + Bluetooth - PK-P06, Konica Minolta, A9FVWYA
PP-SO-AO-CON-KM.4052A.3 USB for bizhub 4752/4052 - PK-P05, Konica Minolta, A6WRWY1
PP-SO-AO-MED-KM.4052A.1 550 sheet tray - PF-P16, Konica Minolta, AANCWY1
PP-SO-AO-MED-KM.4052A.2 Paper Cassette 250-sheet - PF-P15, Konica Minolta, AANAWY1
PP-SO-AO-FIN-KM.4052A.1 Inner Finisher - FS-P02, Konica Minolta, A6VHWY1
PP-SO-AO-CONS-KM.4052A.1 Staple Cartridge, Yield/Case 15,000, Staples (5K x 3) , Konica Minolta, 14YK
PP-SO-AO-POW-KM.4052A.1 ESP Compact Power Filter - 120V/15A, Konica Minolta, S1
PP-SO-AO-FAX-KM.4052A.1 Fax Kit for bizhub - FK-517, Konica Minolta, AA1K011
PP-SO-AO-SOFT-KM.4052A.1 i-Option e-License Kit (Web Browser)LK-101 vs 3, Konica Minolta, A0PD11H
PP-SO-AO-SOFT-KM.4052A.2 i-Option License Kit (Bar Code Font) e-licence LK-106 v3, Konica Minolta, A0PD119
PP-SO-AO-SOFT-KM.4052A.3 i-Option License Kit (OCR Font) LK-108, Konica Minolta, A0PD11G
PP-SO-AO-SOFT-KM.4052A.4 i-Option License Kit (ThinPrint Client Support) LK-111, Konica Minolta, A0PD01K
PP-SO-AO-SOFT-KM.4052A.5 i-Option License Kit (Unicode) - LK-107, Konica Minolta, A0PD11F
PP-SO-AO-ESEC-KM.4052A.1 AU-205H HID Card Authentication Unit - , Konica Minolta, R5427000136466
PP-SO-AO-OTHER-KM.4052A.1 10-Key Pad - KP-P01, Konica Minolta, A6XYWY1
PP-SO-AO-OTHER-KM.4052A.2 Control Panel Faceplate - 4750/4050 French Faceplate 9969475002, Konica Minolta, 9969475002
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