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Ricoh fi-8150 (Add-On ONLY)
Ricoh fi-8150 (Add-On ONLY)
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Standing Offer No:2BP-9-10047402/F/002

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Item# Item Name Qty Add
PP-SO-AO-PMK-RI.fi8150.1.C Preventative Maintenance Kit, Ricoh, 125CONKTWG03CAG
PP-SO-AO-SCHW-RI.fi8150.1.C fi-819PRB Post-Scan Imprinter for fi-8150/8170/8190/8270, Ricoh, 121PA03810D201G
PP-SO-AO-SCHW-RI.fi8150.2.C 2D Barcode option for PaperStream, Ricoh, 121PA43404A433G
PP-SO-AO-SCSW-RI.fi8150.1.C PaperStream Capture Pro Workgroup License (includes 5 year maintenance), Ricoh, 720PSCPWG0001G
PP-SO-AO-SCSW-RI.fi8150.2.C PaperStream Capture Pro QC/Index (includes 5 yr maintenance), Ricoh, 720PSCPST0001G
PP-SO-AO-SCSW-RI.fi8150.3.C PaperStream Capture Pro Import (includes 5 yr maintenance), Ricoh, 720PSCPIM0001G
PP-SO-AO-SCSW-RI.fi8150.4.C PaperStream Capture Pro Departmental license (includes 5 yr maintenance), Ricoh, 720PSCPDP0001G
PP-SO-AO-SCSW-RI.fi8150.5.C PaperStream Capture Pro LV Production (includes 5 year maintenance), Ricoh, 720PSCPLV0001G
PP-SO-AO-SCSW-RI.fi8150.6.C PaperStream Capture Pro MV Production (includes 5 year maintenance), Ricoh, 720PSCPMV0001G
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