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Ciara Horizon D11750

Ciara Horizon D11750
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System: Ciara Horizon D11750, PC224634
Processor: Core i5 11500 6Cores processor 2.7GHz/12Mb/UHD750-350MHz/LGA1200, Intel , 224148
RAM: 16GB DIMM DDR4 3200MHz non-ecc (2 x 8GB)(CT8G4DFRA32A), Crucial , 222928
Storage: Western Digital 256GB SN530 M.2 NVMe SSD (SDBPNPZ-256G) , 221846
Operating System: Windows 10 Pro (64bit) -207580 (lic), 215829 (logo), 208484 (DVD), Microsoft
Warranty: 3 Year On-site warranty, Ciara, 29808
Keyboard: MS Wired 600 Black English, Microsoft, 210066
Mouse: Optical Mouse USB, Microsoft, Included
Corporate and Platform Security: Medium, Ciara, Included

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Standing Offer No: E60EJ-11000C/013/EJ
Product Code:HW-SO-D-2.0D-CIA.8175
Product Price:$960.00
Evaluated Price:$1,239.78
Client Call-up Limitation:$25,000.00


Operating System:



External Keyboard:





Item# Item Name Qty Add
HW-SO-C-WIR-CIA.8175.1 Wi-Fi card 802.11ac + BlueTooth M.2 2230 with antenna cables, Intel, 215866 + 2x213969
HW-SO-C-M24-CIA.8175.1 24 inch Wide monitor with 1920x1080 resolution, Philips, 241B8EQJEB - 217375
HW-SO-C-M24H-CIA.8175.2 24 inch Wide monitor with 2560x1440 resolution, Philips, 245B1 - 221363
HW-SO-C-M27-CIA.8175.3 27 inch Wide monitor with 2560x1440 resolution, DP-HDMI-4*USB no speakers, Samsung, S27A600N - 224082
HW-SO-C-M27H-CIA.8175.4 27 inch Wide monitor with 3840x2160 resolution w-USBc Dock 90w power, DP-HDMI GBLan, Philips, 279P1
HW-SO-C-M32-CIA.8175.5 32 inch Wide monitor with 3840x2160 resolution UHD HDMI - DP - USB 3.0 HUB, Samsung , S32A804NMN
HW-SO-C-RAM-CIA.8175.1 8GB DIMM DDR4 2666MHz non-ecc, Kingston, 213116
HW-SO-C-RAM-CIA.8175.2 16GB DIMM DDR4 2666MHz non-ecc, Kingston, 213117
HW-SO-C-IHDD-CIA.8175.1 Western Digital 256GB SN530 M.2 NVMe SSD (SDBPNPZ-256G), 221846
HW-SO-C-IHDD-CIA.8175.2 SN530 512GB M.2 NVMe x4 SSD (SDBPNPZ-512G), Western Digital, 221847
HW-SO-C-IHDD-CIA.8175.3 SN530 1TB M.2 NVMe x4 SSD SDBPNPZ-1T00, Western Digital, 221848
HW-SO-C-IHDD-CIA.8175.4 WD SA530 SSD, 512 Gb, SATA3, 2.5in. SDASB8Y-512G (M.2 available on request), Western Digital , 217772
HW-SO-C-IHDD-CIA.8175.5 WD SA530 SSD, 1TB, SATA3, 2.5in.-SDASB8Y-1T00 (M.2 available on request), Western Digital , 218830
HW-SO-C-IHDD-CIA.8175.6 1300 256GB 2.5in. OPAL 2 SED SSD (MTFDDAK256TDL-1AW12ABYY), Micron, 218155
HW-SO-C-IHDD-CIA.8175.7 Internal SSD 1300 512GB 2.5in. OPAL 2 SED, Micron, 218158
HW-SO-C-OPD-CIA.8175.1 24x DVD+-RW Black SATA (GH24NSC0) internal, LG, 207216
HW-SO-C-USB-CIA.8175.1 USB 3.2 DataTraveler Kyson 32GB (DTKN-32GB), Kingston, 222803
HW-SO-C-USB-CIA.8175.2 USB 3.2 DataTraveler Kyson 64GB (DTKN-64GB), Kingston, 222804
HW-SO-C-USB-CIA.8175.3 USB 3.2 DataTraveler Kyson 128GB (DTKN-128GB), Kingston, 222805
HW-SO-C-EUSB-CIA.8175.1 Enc. USB Key 16GB DataTraveler 4000G2 w-mgmt FIPS 140-2 level 3 certified, Kingston, 212460
HW-SO-C-EUSB-CIA.8175.2 Enc. USB Key 32GB DataTraveler 4000G2 w-mgmt FIPS 140-2 level 3 certified, Kingston, 212461
HW-SO-C-EUSB-CIA.8175.3 Enc. USB Key 64GB DataTraveler 4000G2 w-mgmt FIPS 140-2 level 3 certified, Kingston, 215905
HW-SO-C-KEY-CIA.8175.1 Keyboard TBITS-5 Multilingual (KBS225T5-USB-BL), Solidus, 10900
HW-SO-C-KEY-CIA.8175.2 Keyboard Wired 600 English, Microsoft, 51826
HW-SO-C-KEY-CIA.8175.3 Keyboard bilingual BLACK, USB with bilingual function keys, Solidus, 200974
HW-SO-C-MOS-CIA.8175.1 Basic Optical Mouse, Microsoft, 20999
HW-SO-C-MOS-CIA.8175.2 Wireless Mobile Mouse 1850 (U7Z-00002), Microsoft, 215868
HW-SO-C-MOS-CIA.8175.3 Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600 (PN7-00002), Microsoft, 215869
HW-SO-U-IMCR-CIA.8175.1 Startech 22 in 1 media card reader for 3.5 inch bay - 35FCREADBK3, Startech , 204622
HW-SO-U-WARU-CIA.8175.2 Three years, accidental damage warranty coverage, Ciara Technologies , 218657
HW-SO-U-MISACC-CIA.8175.3 Rack mount kit for Ciara Horizon 8175 - 8275 chassis - 1907-3-000-03, Kendall Howard, 218233
HW-SO-U-MISACC-CIA.8175.5 60mm dust filter for Ciara Horizon 8175 - CCFF6CM, Coolcox , 218660
HW-SO-U-MISACC-CIA.8175.6 Ergo Touchpad - ETP001ETP, Ergo Touchpad , 222057
HW-SO-U-MISACC-CIA.8175.7 Extra Large Ergo Touchpad - ETP001ELTP, Ergo Touchpad , 222058
HW-SO-U-MISACC-CIA.8175.8 Precision Touchpad - ETP001PTP, Ergo Touchpad , 222059
HW-SO-U-MISACC-CIA.8175.9 X-keys XK-16 stick,backlit, PI Engineering , XK-0981-UCK16-R
HW-SO-U-AMON-CIA.8175.10 GeChic On-Lap M505E 15.6 inch mobile monitor, 1920x1080, HDMI - USB-C, GeChic, M505E
HW-SO-U-KVM4S-CIA.8175.11 Vertiv-Cybex 4Port Universal Dual DP Secure KVM w-USB, Audio (SC945DPH), Vertiv , SC945DPH-400
HW-SO-U-KVMC-CIA.8175.12 Vertiv-Cybex Dual-Head DP KVM cables with audio-USB-DPP 6ft for SC945DPH, Vertiv , CBL0108
HW-SO-U-KVMC-CIA.8175.13 Vertiv - Video - USB - audio cable - USB Type B, mini jack, HDMI (M) to USB, mini jack, DVI-D (M) - 6 ft, Vertiv , CBL0168
HW-SO-U-KVMC-CIA.8175.14 Vertiv-Cybex Dual-Head DP KVM cables with audio, USB 6ft for SC985DPH DPP support, Vertiv , CBL0108
HW-SO-U-KVM2S-CIA.8175.15 Vertiv-Cybex 2Port Universal Single Display Secure KVM w-USB, Audio (SC920DPH), Vertiv , SC820DPH-400
HW-SO-U-KVMC-CIA.8175.16 Vertiv-Cybex Single-Head DP KVM cables with audio, USB 6ft for SC820DPH, Vertiv , CBL0102
HW-SO-U-HPH-CIA.8175.19 Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 Headset (JUG-0001X), Microsoft , 216735
HW-SO-U-CAM-CIA.8175.20 Microsoft LifeCam Cinema for Business - 720P (6CH-00001), Microsoft , 6CH-00001
HW-SO-U-KYBMSE-CIA.8175.21 Kensington Pro Fit Ergo Wireless Keyboard and mouse (75406), Kensington , 223579
HW-SO-U-MNT-CIA.8175.22 Kensington SmartFit One-Touch Height Adjust Dual Monitor arm (55471), Kensington , 223580
HW-SO-U-KVM2-CIA.8175.23 IOGEAR 2-Port 4K Dual View DP KVMP with USB 3.0 Hub-Audio. Cables incl. (GCS1942), IoGear , 223718
HW-SO-U-HPH-CIA.8175.24 Jabra Evolve2 85 MS Stereo - Headset. BT, wired - active noise canceling - 3.5mm, Jabra , 28599-999-999
HW-SO-U-NON-CIA.8175.26 NON-NMSO Products (Up to $25,000 in value Tax inclusive)
HW-SO-U-HPH-CIA.8175.25 Jabra Evolve 75 MS Stereo - Headset - on-ear - Bluetooth - wireless - active noise canceling - USB, Jabra , 7599-832-109
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