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LenovoThinkPad L16 Gen 1
LenovoThinkPad L16 Gen 1
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System: LenovoThinkPad L16 Gen 1, Lenovo, 21L8
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 7535U, AMD, R5Pro7535U
RAM: 16GB DDR5-5600MHz, Lenovo, SBB1C67732
Storage: 256GB SSD M.2 2280 PCIe Gen4 TLC Opal, Lenovo, SBB1C67734
Screen: 16 inch WUXGA (1920x1200), IPS, Anti-Glare, Touch, 45 NTSC, 300 nits, 60Hz, Lenovo, SBB1C67719
Video: AMD Radeon Graphics, AMD, Radeon
Keyboard: Backlit, Black with Number Pad - English, Lenovo, SBB1C67810
Operating System: Windows 11 Pro 64, Microsoft, SBB1F79864
Warranty: Lenovo 3Y Onsite with KYD and 3Y Battery, Lenovo, 5WS0A140865PS0A232785WS0A23013

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Standing Offer No: E60EJ-11000C/007/EJ
Product Code:HW-SO-N-3.0N-LEN.LTP15
Product Price:$1,419.47
Evaluated Price:$1,463.32
Client Call-up Limitation:$25,000.00


Operating System:



Native Keyboard*:





Item# Item Name Qty Add
HW-SO-C-DOK-LEN.LTP15.1 ThinkPad USB-C Dock, Lenovo, 40AY0090US
HW-SO-C-RAM-LEN.LTP15.1 16GB DDR5-5600MHz, Lenovo, 4X71M23187
HW-SO-C-RAM-LEN.LTP15.2 32GB DDR5-5600MHz, Lenovo, 4X71M23189
HW-SO-C-KEY-LEN.LTP15.1 USB TBITS-5 Multilingual Keyboard, Solidus, KBS225T5-USB-BL
HW-SO-C-KEY-LEN.LTP15.2 Lenovo Essential Wired Keyboard - English, Lenovo, 4Y41C68642
HW-SO-C-KEY-LEN.LTP15.3 USB Microsoft CF Keyboard layout with English and French control keys, Solidus, KBS225-FE-USB-BL
HW-SO-C-MOS-LEN.LTP15.1 Essential USB Mouse, Lenovo, 4Y50R20863
HW-SO-C-MOS-LEN.LTP15.2 ThinkPad Essential Wireless Mouse, Lenovo, 4X30M56887
HW-SO-C-MOS-LEN.LTP15.3 ThinkPad Bluetooth Silent Mouse, Lenovo, 4Y50X88822
HW-SO-C-POW-LEN.LTP15.1 65W Standard AC Adapter (USB Type-C), Lenovo, 4X20M26268
HW-SO-C-POW-LEN.LTP15.2 65W USB-C DC Travel Adapter, Lenovo, 40AK0065WW
HW-SO-C-CASE-LEN.LTP15.1 Essential 15.6 Topload Eco, Lenovo, 4X41C12469
HW-SO-C-CASE-LEN.LTP15.2 ThinkPad Essential 16-inch Backpack (Eco), Lenovo, 4X41C12468
HW-SO-C-LOK-LEN.LTP15.1 NanoSaver Combination Cable Lock from Lenovo, Kensington, 4XE1F30277
HW-SO-C-LOK-LEN.LTP15.2 NanoSaver Essential Cable Lock from Lenovo (Key), Kensington, 4XE1F30276
HW-SO-U-IHDD-LEN.LTP15.2 ThinkPad 2TB Performance PCIe Gen4 NVMe OPAL2 M.2 2280 SSD, Lenovo, 4XB1N36076
HW-SO-U-NON-LEN.LTP15.26 NON-NMSO Products (Up to $25,000 in value Tax inclusive)
HW-SO-U-DOK-LEN.LTP15.3 ThinkPad Thunderbolt 4 Workstation Dock, Lenovo, 40B00300US
HW-SO-U-PSF-LEN.LTP15.4 Lenovo 15.6-inch W9 Laptop Privacy Filter from 3M, Lenovo, 0A61771
HW-SO-U-CASE-LEN.LTP15.6 ThinkPad Essential Plus 15.6-inch Backpack (Eco), Lenovo, 4X41A30364
HW-SO-U-PBANK-LEN.LTP15.8 Lenovo Go USB-C Laptop Power Bank (20000 mAh), Lenovo, 40ALLG2WWW
HW-SO-U-STN-LEN.LTP15.9 Lenovo Adjustable Notebook Stand, Lenovo, 4XF0H70605
HW-SO-U-CAM-LEN.LTP15.10 Lenovo Essential FHD Webcam, Lenovo, 4XC1B34802
HW-SO-U-DOK-LEN.LTP15.11 Lenovo USB-C Mini Dock_US, Lenovo, 40AU0065US
HW-SO-U-DOK-LEN.LTP15.12 Lenovo USB-C 7-in-1 Hub, Lenovo, 4X90V55523
HW-SO-U-DOK-LEN.LTP15.13 Lenovo USB-C Travel Hub Gen2, Lenovo, 4X91A30366
HW-SO-U-ADPT-LEN.LTP15.14 ThinkPad USB3.0 to Ethernet Adapter for NA, Lenovo, 4X91D96891
HW-SO-U-ADPT-LEN.LTP15.15 Lenovo USB-C to HDMI 2.0b Adapter, Lenovo, 4X90R61022
HW-SO-U-CAB-LEN.LTP15.16 Lenovo USB-C Cable 1m, Lenovo, 4X90U90619
HW-SO-U-KYBMSE-LEN.LTP15.17 Lenovo Essential Wireless Combo Keyboard & Mouse (French Canadian 058), Lenovo, 4X30M39471
HW-SO-U-KYBMSE-LEN.LTP15.18 Lenovo Essential Wireless Combo Keyboard & Mouse (US English 103P), Lenovo, 4X30M39458
HW-SO-U-AMON-LEN.LTP15.20 ThinkVision M15 15.6 inch FHD Mobile Monitor, Lenovo, 62CAUAR1US
HW-SO-U-HPH-LEN.LTP15.21 Lenovo 100 Stereo USB HS, Lenovo, 4XD0X88524
HW-SO-U-HPH-LEN.LTP15.22 Lenovo VoIP Stereo Headset, Lenovo, 4XD0S92991
HW-SO-U-HPH-LEN.LTP15.23 ThinkPad X1 ANC Headphones, Lenovo, 4XD0U47635
HW-SO-U-HPH-LEN.LTP15.25 Lenovo Stereo Analog Headset, Lenovo, 4XD0K25030
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